Making It Stick-Teaching Tips

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I have the privilege of teaching our 3-5th graders alongside an amazing co-teacher (and fellow grown-up GA). I don't know about you, but working with the older kids is not for the faint of heart. If our pre-teens don't like the activity they will definitely tell you. We got a lot of "this is a baby activity" or simply "this is boring". To switch it up, I started making slides to use with the lesson.

I re-envisioned the section in the material called "Making connections" and figured out a way to identify how the Biblical Truth is weaved through the Bible story, the missions story, and then how it's applicable to our lives. In addition, we used the slides to show more photos of the missionaries and then to show additional videos. We like to use a video for the Bible story. We found some good ones on Youtube. Sometimes, you can find additional videos from NAMB and IMB about those missionaries...I just google their names or look online to see their ministry website has photos or videos. We found that additional slides and videos is helpful for our kids. We are thrilled that the MJKids material has engaged them in conversation and they are learning so much. I hope this helps! I made a handout to explain my teaching tips. You are welcome to it. 

I hope these tips help you as your disciple your kids in missions! 



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