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Monday, October 23, 2017
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Bucket Project

The Bucket Project was a great success in Kentucky during 2014. A total of 3,140 buckets were collected in Kentucky during the year. These buckets were shipped overseas and have been delivered in many places to help families care for those with HIV/AIDS.
In 2016 we collected buckets at the Kentucky WMU Annual Meeting in March, and we are collecting again at the Kentucky Baptist Convention Annual Meeting.  It's not too late to participate! 
Baptist Global Response has researched and worked with partner organizations to determine the best resources to include in the kits. For uniformity in packing and shipping as well as customs approval in recipient countries, please only provide completed kits that match the detailed list. Varying kits and materials may delay shipments and in some cases may mean that the kits will not be accepted into a country.

One kit will cost between $80-$90 PLUS shipping. Click here for a detailed shopping list. This is a revised list from prior years.

All kits must include all of the requested items. Some items listed are available in bulk or are only available in quantities larger than needed. For example, if after competing five kits you have 10 extra packs of straws, include all extras in a separate box marked EXTRAS.

Purchase new items and, when stated, use only the brands included on the shopping list. Please refrain from adding cards, letters, photos, directories, bulletins or ANY other items that are not specifically identified in the instructions. Good intentions can inadvertently cause delays with customs or compromise the safety of our partners living in the field.

An exact description of how to pack the buckets can be found at and on the video. Please use this method when packing your buckets. Email if you have any questions regarding this project. Please note that we are not including vitamins this time, even if you see this on the video. Customs in many countries will not permit vitamins.

You can also participate in the Bucket Project through the BGR Online Store and choose to have your bucket shipped directly to BGR. 
Pray for the Bucket Project. Updates and videos showing how buckets are meeting needs and being used to share Christ are found on the Baptist Global Response Bucket Project web page -